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COR 516104

Course duration:
120 hours (theory: 45 hours; practical training and final evaluation: 75 hours)

cadru tehnic PSIDocuments for enrolment:
- Application form;
- Copy of an identity document;
- Diploma (certificate) of studies (minimum 8 years);
- Medical certificate (GP) with the specification "Able to work as firefighter";
- Receipt for the enrolment fee;
- Driving licence, "C" class - HGV (in order to train as driver for fire trucks);
- Affidavit from employer.

Specific competencies/skills:
- Communication at work;
- Team work;
- Applying Health and Safety norms and Fire Protection norms;
- Driving fire trucks;
- Perform preparation activities;
- Perform the activities before intervention;
- Execute intervention;
- Maintain the intervention equipment;
- Prevent fires;
- Rescue people, animals and goods.

The diplomas issued are recognised by the Ministry Of Labour, Family and Social Protection, as well as by the Ministry of Education, Research and Innovation.

For additional details, please contact the TRAINING DEPARTMENT within IASISTING at 0232/237515; 0332/411779


According to the Government Ordinance 129/2000 republished in 2005, art. 34 provides that “private companies, national companies and societies, cooperatives, state companies ands other institutions are allowed to make expenses for training their employees, and the expenses are tax deductible".

According to Law 571/2003 – the Tax Code - art.21, para. 2, lett. h, “any expenses for the training and professional enhancement of personnel are considered to have been made with the purpose of generating income".