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Privately-owned company, authorized by the National Centre for Fire Safety and Civil Defence in Bucharest for:

and by the Ministry of Labour, Family and Social Protection - Iasi County Directorate for Labour and Social Protection for:

Fire Extinguishers

Iasisting produces and sells portable and mobile powder extinguishers, portable and mobile foam extinguishers, portable and mobile CO2 extinguishers. The types of fires each of them is used for are detailed for each category of extinguishers.


Iasisting also sells fire extinguishing systems, protective equipment, and provides maintenance for all types of extinguishers. The extinguishers and the rest of the products sold by Iasisting meet the requirements of the current laws.


The Consulting Department provides all the necessary services a company might need in terms of health and safety at work, fire protection scenarios, lifting equipment and pressurised vessels, and the environment.