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One Million Stars

14th November 2009

Saturday, on the 14th of November 2009, on the Boulevard Stefan cel Mare, Centrul Diecezan Caritas Iasi had organized the third edition of the action “One Million Stars”.

There were illuminated 500 candles as a sign of solidarity towards the people in need. The purpose of this action was to offer visible signs for a united society and a right world, to fight against poverty and social exclusion. Each candle was the symbolical representation of a person in need. Around the candles there were gathered over three hundred sympathizers of world solidarity: people of all ages from Iasi, members of the partner associations, volunteers and Caritas members.

At 5 p.m. the representatives of the partner associations and Caritas volunteers had illuminated the candles which formed the acronym of Caritas, while the youth from the Association “Actiunea Catolica” of Iasi kept on singing songs about solidarity.

The candles were blessed by the representative of the Catholic Bishop of Iasi, his Excellency Assistant Bishop and General Vicar Aurel Perca and by the representative of the Foundation “Solidaritate si Speranta” - father Ovidiu Sarghie. The donations made on this occasion in exchange for the candles reached up to 1,328 RON. With this money the “Diecenzan Caritas” Center Iasi will support the program for in house services - Iasi, sending out to those cared of the symbolical message of solidarity. At this event, being one of the main sponsors, IASISTING had the great pleasure to be a part of the volunteer group as a sign of solidarity for the people in need.

European Week of Health and Safety: the Iasi Inspectorate

for Labour organises the symposium

"Safe workplaces: good for you, good for business"

26-30 October

For the third year in a row, IASISTING hosted in Iasi the events of the European Week of Health and Safety, between 26 and 30 October. In 2007, at the heart of the debates and events throughout the EU were musculoskeletal disorders; in 2008 the campaign focused on the importance of assessing the risks for health and safety and the practical ways of managing and reducing risks in the workplace, and this campaign continued in 2009. Each year, millions of people in the EU suffer injuries or their health is seriously affected in the workplace.

festival sah iasi

Risk assessment is crucial, because it means both identifying all the risks the workers face during the work process, as well as taking measures for making the workplace safe and healthy. For example, according to the Eurostat and International Labour Organization statistics, every three and a half minutes a person in the EU dies from work-related causes. Every four and a half seconds, a worker in the EU is involved in an accident that forces him/her to stay at home at least three working days.

Risk assessment is a dynamic process, allowing businesses and organisations to implement a pro-active policy of risk management in the workplace. It is therefore important that businesses of all types and sizes perform regular risk assessments. An accurate risk assessment includes, among others, making sure that all relevant risks are considered (not only immediate or obvious risks), checking the effectiveness of the adopted security measures, recording the results of the assessment and regularly reviewing the assessment in order to keep it constantly up-to-date. In order for risk assessment to be truly useful, it must be up-to-date, relevant and effective. At the symposium "Safe workplaces: good for you, good for business", taking place at the IASISTING Centre for Consulting and Training in the area of Emergency Situations and Health&Safety at Work located at10, Mitropolit Varlaam Street, participated Mr. Iulian Taraboanta, coordinating director and Mr. Dermidie Nita, deputy coordinating director for Health&Safety, as well as professionals in charge of Health&Safety from several companies from Iasi. Presentations were made by specialists from the Iasi Inspectorate for Labour (Emilian Dodoiu, Laurentiu Dobre, Iulian Toma), as well as by Health&Safety professionals from several privately-owned businesses from Iasi.

The organisers awarded three prizes and three honourable mentions, handing out diplomas, cups and personal protection gear. IASISTING is practically one of the H&S companies in Iasi with the most active involvement in risk assessment. In its Training Centre Iasisting provides consulting services and training in the area of Health&Safety at Work and Emergency Situations for approximately 700 clients, state institutions and private businesses. The consulting services include performing the assessment of accident risks and work-related disorders in the workplace.

National Work-Related Medicine Conference with International Participans

23 – 26 September

The Work-Related Medicine Conference aimed to assess the labour environment and the state of health of employees in small and medium-sized enterprises.

The symposium was organised by the Romanian Society of Labour Medicine, together with the Iasi University of Medicine and Pharmacy. IASISTING had the honour of being one of the main sponsors. The main presentation of the conference concerned the NeTWoRM Project in Romania. The project was run under two European programmes: Minerva – Socrates (2004-2007) and Leonardo (Lifelong learning, 2008-2009). The project initiator and coordinator was the Ludwig Maximillian University in München. During the project, 35 training courses were held in eight countries, that is a total of 28 cases in several languages. There were 4,500 students and 397 physicians involved in the three-year project. Most visits were finalised with evaluation cards from Germany, Romania, Spain and Finland. 80% of users reported no technical difficulties. The results obtained, the wide participation and the interest shown are convincing reasons for the Romanians involved in teaching work-related medicine to expand this curriculum to all medical schools.

"M. Sadoveanu" International Chess Festival, 24th Edition


19-25 August 2009

The 24th Edition of the “M. Sadoveanu” International Chess Festival - Balkan Grand Prix is an international chess competition, organized under the patronage of the Balkan Chess Federation, of the Romanian Chess Federation and of the International Chess Federation (FIDE), by the “Politehnica” Iasi Sports Club, with support from the Iasi City Hall, the Local Council, the Iasi County Directorate for Sports and from the partners in the media: TVR Iasi, Ziarul de Iasi, Radio Iasi, as well as from partners in the central media.

festival sah iasi

IASISTING had the pleasure of being one of the main sponsors, supporting the promotion of chess as an alternative means for the young to spend their free time. In Eastern Romania there are very few such contests, and this competition is much awaited-for by chess lovers.

There were over 350 participants in this competition, coming from 10 countries. The results obtained by out junior players in recent years have made Iasi the most powerful chess centre in Romania. Proof are the 298 medals won (2009: 43 medals, of which one title of World Non-Professional Champion, nine European medals and the Romanian Cup for Women Senior Players).

Professional competitions

of the Romanian volunteer and private services in the domain of emergency situations

11-14 June 2009

The „Mihail Grigore Sturdza” Inspectorate for Emergency Situations of Iasi, with support from the Iasi County Council, and of the Iasi Firefighters' Association, have organized on the Tineretului Stadium in Iasi between 11 and 14 June 2009 the county round of the professional competitions for Volunteer Services for Emergency Situations, as well as the county round of the professional competitions for Private Services for Emergency Situations– S.P.S.U. – active within companies.

concursuri pompieri

There were 25 Volunteer Services crews in the competition – the largest number of participants in 20 years.
The competition consisted of the following events: relay race 4x100 m, skills and speed obstacle course and intervention crew action. After the three events, the Volunteer Service for Emergency Situations from Andrieseni was declared the winner and will represent the county of Iasi in the inter-counties round, which will take place in Suceava at the beginning of August .

In the contest for the private emergency situation services there were nine crews competing. The first prize was taken by the team from S.C. Fortus Iaşi, as it was announced in the press release of 15 June 2009 issued by the Iasi County Inspectorate for Emergency Situations.

International Symposium "A Safe Future - My Safety and My Health"

Iasi, 28 May 2009

Iasisting had the honour of being a partner and a sponsor in organising the first edition of the international symposium "Viitor sigur - Siguranta si sanatatea mea" ("A Safe Future - My Safety and My Health"), together with the "Gh. Asachi" Technical College and with the Iasi Area Inspectorate for Labour. The symposium took place in the auditorium of the "Mihai Eminescu" Central University Library in Iasi and debated the following topics:

simpozion international iasisting

The "Football for Health" Cup ("Fotbal pentru Sanatate") - 25-29 May 2009

Iasisting has supported as a sponsor the first edition of the "Football for Health" mini-championship, having as motto “Score for life!”, in order to celebrate the day of 31 May -  World No Tobacco Day. The event was organised between 25 and 29 May 2009 by the Caritas Diocesan Centre Iasi, The Office for Drug Use Prevention, Evaluation and Counselling, together with their partners: the "Alexandru Ioan Cuza" University, the Faculty pf Physical Education and Sports, the High Security Penitentiary Iasi and the Romanian Gendarmes - Iasi Gendarmes Inspectorate, with the support of the "Politehnica Iasi" Sports Club.

cupa fotbal iasisting

The event was organised as part of the "Learn to choose life!" ("Invata sa alegi viata!") campaign implemented by Caritas Iasi in 2009, and it aimed to highlight the importance of fighting tobacco use through the promotion of exercise and sports, to provide an alternative for spending free time away from tobacco and drugs (legal and illegal), and to facilitate the social re-insertion of young offenders that are currently in prison.


Iasisting supports medicine in Iasi

Original event in dental medicine in Iasi!

The Iasisting company has supported as a sponsor the first Congress of the Romanian Dental Association for Education, taking place between 1 and 4 April at the Clinical Base for Dental Medicine Education.

For the first time in Iasi, the French National Academy of Dental and Alveolar Surgery sent its representatives to hold a Dental Medicine Congress.

The dominant note of this scientific event has been practicality, due to the high number of practical demonstrations and live interventions for each component of dental medicine, illustrating  state-of-the-art techniques.


Iasisting at CAMEX - March 2009

In the interval 19 - 22 March Iasisting took part in the 13th edition of the Camex National Fair for Construction and Installation - the meeting place of all construction professionals. At the booth opened within the exhibition the visitors had the opportunity to get acquainted with the products and services offered by Iasisting, many of these covering the companies' logistics needs(drafting documentation, health and safety training etc.) as well as technical needs (personal protection equipment, fire cabinets, signs and other display materials) in terms of health and safety in construction work.

iasisting camex 2009

The visitors have shown great interest for the services offered in terms of fireproofing combustible materials and of fireproofing metallic structures (torcreting).

Our specialists are always available for details concerning the products and services we offer.