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Fire extinguishing syst., centralised detection systems


sprinklereOne solution for ensuring fire protection in commercial spaces, storage facilities and production spaces is to install fire extinguishing systems that use water.

Control and Signal Automated Modules are used in order to control sprinkler systems. Depending on the type of space they need to protect there are two types of modules: water-air and water-water.

detector optoelectronic de fumThe water-air modules are used for sprinkler networks installed in spaces with a temperature of less than 4C. The water-water modules are used in spaces with a temperature above 5C. The breaking of the fusible element in a sprinkler turns on the pumps and sounds the alarm.

Fire extinguishing systems are mandatory in large buildings, in order to protect both goods and persons, as well as the building itself.

sprinklere closeupThe sprinklers can have a bronze, chrome or white finish. Connection is at ". The trigger temperature can be 68C or 72C. According to how the water is sprayed, there are upright and upside-down sprinklers. For aesthetic reasons a decorative rosette may be used when the sprinkler is installed on a false ceiling.

Pumping stations


Pumping stations draw water from the building's water reserve and pump it into one or several of the following circuits: tap water network, sprinkler system, deep network, internal hydrants network or external hydrants network.