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Portable extinguishers with perm. pressurised powder

Indications for use

For extinguishing incipient A, B and C class fires, in closed or open spaces (road vehicles, petrol stations, shops, storage facilities, boiler rooms, ships, railway carriages etc.), as well as for fires involving electrical equipment up to 1000 V.

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stingatoare portabile cu pulbere

CONTAINER made of steel sheet welded through homologated procedures, using automated welding machines, or made of aluminium alloy.
TAP made of brass, with a support handle, trigger lever and manometer.
EXTINGUISHING AGENT - dry all-purpose powder ABC-E 40%, ensuring maximum efficiency for any type of  fire. The powder does not contain substances that are harmful to humans or to the environment.
PROPPELLER GAS - nitrogen (N2), environmentally-friendly gas, without pressure variations during temperature variations.

Tehnical features

Work pressure: 14 bar
Test pressure: 25 bar
Pressure check: visually, with a manometer
Admissible temperature: -20°C ... + 60°C