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Consulting and training: Health&Safety, Emergencies

IASISTING - External service for prevention and protection

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According to Government Decision no. 1425/2006 concerning the Methodological Norms for the application of Law no. 319/2006 regarding health and safety at work, any company/institution, irrespective of activity domain, must fulfil certain obligations in terms of safety. These obligations can be fulfilled by using the services of a specialised agent: a designated employee, an internal service or an external provider of prevention and protection services.

As an external provider of prevention and protection services, IASISTING advises employers in their fulfilment of their obligations concerning health and safety at work.

The employer's obligations are the follows:
1. to identify hazards and assess risks for each component of the work system (means of production, assignments, work environment, operators), for each job/work station;
2. to devise and update yearly the prevention and protection plan, which includes technical, organisational, hygiene/sanitation and other measures;
3. to devise the organisation's own health and safety instructions, taking into consideration the specifics of the activities performed by each employee;
4. to define health and safety assignments and responsibilities for each job/work station;
5. to check whether all employees know and apply the measures included in the protection and prevention plan and the organisation's own health and safety instructions;

Also, employers are required:
6. to devise a list of technical literature necessary in order to inform and train the employees;
7. to devise curricula for information and training, to establish the appropriate frequency for information and training sessions, as well as to verify to what extent the employees assimilate and apply the information they receive;
8. to devise a schedule for training and testing for the organisation;

The organisation manager must
9. ensure the drafting of an action plan for cases of severe and imminent danger;
10. keep records of the areas with high and specific risk;
11. define the areas that need to be marked with indicators concerning health and safety, the type of signs that are needed and their positioning;

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Another category of responsibilities concerns keeping records of the trades and professions that require a special authorisation in order to be practised, of the work stations that require additional medical examinations and of those that, upon recommendation from the labour medicine physician, require a test of skills and/or regular psychological testing;
It is also important to monitor and check the operation of protection systems and devices, of measuring and control devices, of ventilation systems and of any other systems for the control of harmful substances, as well as to monitor and check the operation of alarm, warning, emergency signalling systems and of safety systems.

In terms of emergency situations we offer consulting for training (introduction/general and periodic) all categories of employees, as well as for acquiring appropriate means for extinguishing fires, for drafting the site's emergency protection sheet and for fulfilling the obligations stipulated by Law no. 307/2006, art.16 concerning the obligations of the organisation manager in this domain.

IASISTING also provides counselling for display materials concerning emergency situations, according to current regulations; for devising curricula in training all categories of employees for emergency situations; for the general introductory training and the supervision of supervisors performing on-the-job training and periodic training for emergency situations of all existing employees as well as for new employees; for testing employees; for devising plans for the organisation of fire protection and prevention for each job; for performing specialised technical inspections designed to identify any infringements of healthy and safety norms and of norms concerning emergency situations, including a information report to the client concerning the irregularities discovered.