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Private Service for Emergency Situations

According to art. 19, letter i), of Law no. 307/2006 regarding fire protection, the management of companies and institutions performing activities that pose a fire hazard must "ensure the establishment, with the authorisation of the Inspectorate, a private service for emergency situations, and ensure its operation according to the current regulations; alternatively, a contract must be closed with another private service for emergency situations, which must be able to intervene rapidly and effectively in order to extinguish fires".

serciciu privat pentru situatii de urgentaThus, under a contract for services, IASISTING can assist your company/ institution in case of fire or in emergency situations.

SPSU IASISTING (the Private Service for Emergency Situations) is equipped with a fire truck using water and foam, ready for use round the clock in case of fires or emergency situations. The fire truck is manned by personnel trained according to the current requirements in the domain: crew chiefs, firemen, drivers. The Service had a prevention department, with professionals specialised in preventing the occurrence of emergency situations, in providing guidance and performing inspections within companies/institutions, working under contract with the latter.