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Fireproofing of metallic structures

The fireproofing of metal or concrete structures with tocreting products is a passive measure that delays the failure of metal or concrete structures under the action of fire of minimum 30" and maximum 240".

IASISTING and its personnel are authorised by the National Centre for Fire Safety and Civil Defence in Bucharest to perform fireproofing works on metallic structures.

The product used is the ideal solution in terms of long delays for the failure of metallic or concrete structures.

One of the reference projects executed by IASISTING was carried out at the IULIUS MALL shopping centre in Iasi (client: SC BUILD CORP SRL) in July-August 2008; the final reception was co-signed by the Iasi Inspectorate for Emergency Situations.

Another important client for fireproofing works: SC IULIUS MALL SUCEAVA - 2008 (November-December).

The works consisted in fireproofing metal structures - pillars and beams - using VERMIPLASTER torcreting products.

The total area of the project was approximately 8100 mp and the quantity of VERMIPLASTER used was approximately 81t. The resulting fire resistance of the metallic structure was 120 minutes for pillars and 45 minutes for beams, and the efficiency of the works should last for at least 40 years. The warranty for the works is 3 years.

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The fireproofing of metal structures using dry VERMIPLASTER material is carried out by covering the structures with a uniform layer applied on the surface of load bearing metallic structures.

Thus the strength of these structures is enhanced both for normal conditions and for situations of exceptional stress, through the placement of a thermally insulating layer between the metallic element and the possible fire, as a solution for avoiding the collapse of the building for the prescribed length of time.

The fireproofing carried out with the VERMIPLASTER system does not affect the strength and stability of the load-bearing structure, does not affect the acoustic behaviour of the protected surfaces and does not change thermal protection or energy efficiency in the buildings using it under normal conditions of use.


VERMIPLASTER is a fine-grain dry mortar, industrially processed from calcium sulphide, bleached with mineral extracts, with additives for improving mechanical application and for optimising the product's physical and chemical characteristics; when mixed with water, the product is ideal for coating the metallic surface of structures; when hardened, it provides a layer that is optimal for fire protection. torcretare vermiplaster

Does not contain toxic or hazardous materials; when heated it releases only water.

Does not contain asbestos, as proven by test no. A8987-B performed in July 1999 by the Institute of Occupational Medicine in Edinburgh, UK.

By forming a compact layer on metal structures, VERMIPLASTER is designed to provide passive protection during fires, preserving the stability and the load-bearing properties of the structure until the fire is extinguished or until the building is evacuated.


According to ISO 9001:2000
Colour: white
Apparent density of dried mortar: 510-580 g/l
Proportion for mixing (water/dry mortar): 0,60 to 0,80
Application time: 0:30-4:15 hours
Water retention: 95-100%
Bending strength: ≥ 9 Kg/cm2
Compression strength: ≥17 kg/cm2
Hardness of surface: ≥ 30 SHORE units
pH: 12-13
Fire protection classification: does not burn
Resistance to water jet (UNE 23.806-81): Stable
VERMIPLASTER is not corrosive.


VERMIPLASTER is applied to surfaces in a mechanised manner, using compressed air, or with the help of a specially-designed machine which also mixes the dry mortar with water.


For metallic structures, the thickness of the VERMIPLASTER layer to be applied is determined by the cross-section of the protected profile and by the prescribed fire resistance time (expressed in minutes).

The fire resistance chart shows the results of a series of experiments during which profiles of different kinds, with different thicknesses of the VERMIPLASTER layer, were exposed to direct flame.

In Romania, INCERC has authorised the VERMIPLASTER product and has accepted the results of the experiments made according to EU norms, thus authorising the sale of the product.


The VERMIPLASTER mortar is manufactured in Spain, near Seville. The automated plant uses an incorporated system for adding raw materials which is monitored permanently, thus ensuring constant quality.

The manufacturing process is supervised strictly and meets the requirements of ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 14001, their observance being monitored by SGS (010390/SC, 030070/MA).