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Inspections of earthing and lightning protection

verificari pram

An inspection of earthing and lightning protection (Romanian: PRAM) means the inspection of all earthing connections and lightning protection devices. The aim is to:

The inspection and measurement are carried out according to Romanian standard STAS 12604/4. An inspection of earthing and lightning protection means measuring the dispersion resistance of the earthing circuit and of the lightning protection devices with a special appliance. The appliance is checked regularly by a metrological body. The inspection must be performed twice every year (once in dry weather and once in wet weather).

verificare pram

Following this inspection, a protocol is concluded, with the following points:

When the measured values do not meet the prescribed requirements, the system is considered unsafe from an electrical point of view, and the lightning protection device is no longer effective in preventing fires. In order to avoid hazards and accidents, our company can quickly remedy the problems and carry out an additional inspection, for safety.

The works are performed based on a contract for services.